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Job advertisement for post-docs at the Institute of European Law at KU Leuven


We would like to draw your attention to the new vacancies (BAP-2021-253 and BAP-2021-254) published by the Institute for European Law of KU Leuven and would be most grateful if you could please broadly disseminate.

The Institute for European Law of KU Leuven (more here) is currently recruiting post-doctoral researchers to work under the supervision of Prof. Elise Muir on the RESHUFFLE project (more here) as from September 2021. This large scale research project reflects on the changing constitutional landscape for the protection of fundamental rights in Europe, investigating the implications of the increasingly strong driving role of the European Union in the field. It is funded by the European Research Council.

For more information or application (before 3 May 2021) please use the following links:



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